Talent Management Suite​

Talent Management Suite is a multi-lingual, multi-company, web application of Human Resources and Payroll Management that can be deployed on the internal network of the institution, on the Internet or on the CLOUD.

The Human resources management takes into account all the basic information about human capital. It tracks an employee’s progress from hiring to retirement and is a reference tool for making decisions about individual employee situations.

In its payroll management, TMS takes into account, different forms of payment “CASH, transfer, and check” and allows different payment methods for different cycles “Monthly, Semimonthly, Weekly, etc.” based on different monetary units. It also allows you to automatically calculate your payroll taxes using different methods (payroll, average earnings) and print employee checks or directly assign their accounts to banking institutions.

TMS also has a web interface available to all employees of the institution: the Employee portal. This portal allows the institution to publish job offers, a telephone directory, notices, employees’ birthdays, etc. It allows employees to consult important information such as: records, career path, available training program, leave balance, evaluation result, pay slip and history, bonus, balance of loans, etc … Employees can also submit requests for services via the portal such as: request for letters / certificates / file update / loans and advances, plan their leave, complete their self-assessment, apply for vacancies and import / enter their timesheet.