Throughout its many years of existence, Turbo System has not stopped responding to the growing needs of various institutions that have never hidden their satisfaction with the quality of its products and services.

We were looking for a system by which we could control most of the product creation so that we could operate without relying on a third party whenever a change was needed. After a meticulous search, we decided that the product of Turbo System and its support team were clearly superior to others. We chose Turbo System because we knew they would care about our business needs and our recommendations on how to develop the product. The intelligence of the system and the workflow engine give us an enormous flexibility; their training and continuous customer supports are different from anything we have experienced.

Claude M. Richard, UNITRANSFER USA, Inc

In addition to developing the Haitian taxpayer identification system on the Oracle platform, and later the Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration systems, Turbo System has provided and continues to provide support services to the Haitian government for different software.


Overall, as Program Director, I feel that Turbo System has done a great job of development and working with them is a pleasure. I consider Turbo System more like an associate rather than a contractor. They are very conscientious and respect their schedule and specifications.

Gary C. GAUDETTE, Datacard Group

Relations between the institution and the management of the company have always been cordial and are characterized by respect for mutual commitments. In general, Citibank is satisfied with the services provided by Turbo System.

Michèle Jean-Jumeau, CitiBank S.A.

Impeccable service, concerned and punctual staff, efficient and timely support, simple and friendly user interface, constant feeling of security, are just a few words that define our relations with Turbo System S.A.

Ralph EDMOND, Farmatrix

TBMS is a very rigorous accounting software package that demonstrates the designer’s concern to respond to the improvement of a good internal control system guaranteeing the protection of assets and the production of reliable financial information for timely decisions. TURBO SYSTEM deserves the respect and the encouragement of the community because this work has risen to the dimension of a great national pride.