Turbo School

Turbo School

TURBO SCHOOL is flexible use and can provide good governance at a school. TURBO SCHOOL facilitates the management of major school activities, the enrolment of students to publication of results via the data entry,from school fees to payroll of teachers.

School management software


The software integrates the main functions of managing a school. The software remedies to a range of problems such as the difficulty of carrying out tasks within a short time, the ability to respond quickly and effectively to queries such as transcripts of students notes and the lack of control and monitoring Academic and financial activities; regular monitoring of the efforts of a student,and publication of results.


Turbo School is a complete solution of school governance including modules such as management students, management notes, management professors, management school and extracurricular activities, management of several vacations, payroll of teachers and administrative staff, management of revenue and expenditure , and so on.


Turbo School functions in client-server with as much power and ease of use. It is available with Oracle® Databases, in MS Windows®, Unix® or Linux® environments. In addition, the module features are independent of the technological platform used, which means that the customer can easily choose to change its operating environment.